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As previously announced, the Attrace will enable community and early investors to participate in the Attrace IDO on MISO (details here). The funding is set to 80 ETH max. The funds raised will be used to finance the liquidity pool and become listed on the SushiSwap DEX, after which the listing of the $ATTR token will officially begin.

Attrace has delivered Referral Network V1. To have sustainable economics, incentivize participation and reward the users of Attrace Referral Network, it is required to have the $ATTR token live. In other words, the Attrace Referral Network can only properly function on the…

Referral layer for the tokenized economy

For the past three years, the Attrace Team has been focused on decentralising Affiliate Marketing trying to solve major trust and transparency issues in the traditional affiliate space. Some of the issues such as trust in the middleman and transparency for the promoter were solved, and a promising early traction has been achieved. However, the trust on merchants remained an issue impossible to solve, while the transparency came at the cost of potential future privacy issues, something that Attrace team was not willing to trade with. Furthermore, it became obvious that solid tokenomics has no place in a network where…

We are happy to announce that Attrace will be listing on

SushiSwap and Uniswap

Both listings are scheduled for tomorrow at the same time, Wednesday the 23rd on 10:00 (am) EST / 16:00 (pm) CET.

Thank you for your patience on the announcement about the listing.

Attrace has already received a lot of interest and traction from potential partners in the IDO, DEX, and NFT space. Therefore, now that the Attrace Referral Network has been completed, it is time to list the ATTR Attrace token. …

A few days before the Attrace IDO on MISO will take place, Attrace will launch the world’s first DApp Referral Marketplace. The referral marketplace was built on top of Attrace Referral Network and will launch on Ethereum mainnet on June the 13th. The first referral program that will go live on the network will be the Attrace IDO Referral. Attrace aims to incentivize the promotion and participation in the IDO, engage the community and showcase the capability of the referral network to the crypto ecosystem. The other referral programs are planned, e.g. …

KYC from 10th of June 2021 0:00 CEST until 17th June 2021 at 0:00 CEST

The Attrace Team is excited to announce there will be an Attrace IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on MISO on June the 19th at 0:00, followed by a listing on SushiSwap on June the 22nd.

On top of that, a few days before the Attrace IDO on MISO will take place, Attrace will also launch the world’s first DApp Referral Marketplace, which enables the launch of the world’s first IDO Referral: Trustless decentralized promotion of an IDO. The world’s first IDO Referral will be the Attrace IDO Referral.

Attrace IDO

This IDO is a public sale that will provide an opportunity for our…


As explained in this medium post earlier, Attrace will move from its dedicated custom blockchain to ERC20 tokens.

The conventional affiliate concept has been moved to a dedicated subdomain, This token will be renamed to ATTRC.

On May 18th 16:00 Amsterdam time, the Attrace team will make a snapshot of all the wallets on the Attrace Classic Blockchain.

From that moment, ATTRC token holders can claim their ATTR (ERC20) through this website:

The goal of this portal is to collect the relation ship between Attrace Classic and the Ethereum address, with the following steps:

  1. Collect both ATTRC en…


Dear Attrace community,

Hereby the April update.

Attrace will list in May

Attrace will officially list in the 2nd week of May. We will be able to disclose the first exchange name and exact date around the end of next week. Other exchanges will follow.

Attrace Future has been solving a problem in affiliate marketing in the current online world and has a growing client base.

However, it is evident that the online world is already progressing towards the next big paradigm shift in internet applications, Web 3.0, one where blockchain technology will have…

Dear All,

The previous landing page was focused on a Merchant application on the Attrace network, targeted towards those familiar with affiliate marketing.

The new website is a new layer on top, facilitating all future end-users, all the integrations that have been completed and all applications that we will be launching in the future.

With the release of the new website we have also released the option for email log in. As expected, for some end-users the principle of “access to all with only a private key” is a step too far. …

Dear All,

Once again and most importantly, we wish everybody a fantastic 2019! We hope this will be your best year ever!

Short update:

1) We have now distributed all additional bonus to the 86% of all Pre ICO contributors that have decided to stay in. To those we say thank you for your more extended “contribution horizon” 🤓

2) Although we worked as hard as we can to meet the 1st of Jan deadline, we decided we cannot release the ATTR chain yet.

Quality over deadline.

We are going to need an additional 3–4 weeks before we are live…

Dear All,

The new Attrace website is now live!

Focus is now solely on the end-users of the Attrace platform as we plan to go live soon.

For those still interested in the underlying blockchain tech or the ICO cabinet, please select DLT (Distributed Ledger Tech) in the main menu.
Pre ICO will close in 2 days, we do not anticipate an ICO any time in the near future.

This site marks the beginning of the next phase of the Attrace development!

Very best,

Attrace team


The world’s first trustless referral network built for a decentralised future

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