Dear All,

Once again and most importantly, we wish everybody a fantastic 2019! We hope this will be your best year ever!

Short update:

1) We have now distributed all additional bonus to the 86% of all Pre ICO contributors that have decided to stay in. To those we say thank you for your more extended “contribution horizon” 🤓

2) Although we worked as hard as we can to meet the 1st of Jan deadline, we decided we cannot release the ATTR chain yet.

Quality over deadline.

We are going to need an additional 3–4 weeks before we are live. Stay with us once we are live you will be happy.

3) The number of Advertisers and Publishers signing up with Attrace continues to grow. We even had sign-ups between Christmas and NY. Not all of them are big names but we do see traffic from multiple countries already.

More news soon and as always very best regards,

Attrace team

The world’s first trustless referral network built for a decentralised future

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