Attrace first Referral Farms are live with MASK, SYLO and NetVRk!

Earn for promoting projects you believe in

It is time to put rewards where the mouth is

What are Referral Farms and how can I earn?

Attrace’s ‘referral farming’ process directly rewards promoters on-chain with a share of the bounty for every successful referral brought to a project.

How are the Referral Farm rewards distributed?

  1. Early participation is incentivised
  2. Holding the token accrues extra value through farming so it promotes buy-and-hold behaviour
  3. Each promoter is rewarded according to their true value added to a project

How to promote MASK, SYLO, NetVRk and ATTRACE to earn rewards

Via the Attrace app

As a Mask user

About Attrace



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