Attrace first Referral Farms are live with MASK, SYLO and NetVRk!

Earn for promoting projects you believe in

It is time to put rewards where the mouth is

Attrace marks the end to exuberant and untraceable marketing costs, like the heavily paid influencers with unprovable performance. Instead, loyal community members, and influencers, can now get paid based on their true on-chain value added to a project. In essence, the Attrace Referral Farms enable to form a virtuous cycle around referrals that is equitable for project creators, crypto enthusiasts and buyers. Protocols can create a referring mechanism around your project that is fair and square. By unleashing the value of ‘word of mouth’ marketing, projects can engage and reward active community members to let the world know how valuable their project really is.

What are Referral Farms and how can I earn?

A referral farm is a referral program with a ‘farming’ aspect. Crypto enthusiasts earn a share of daily rewards for promoting tokens they believe in. With referral farms, promoters earn higher rewards compared to other referral programs. Not only will the buyer and the promoter get incentivized directly on chain, promoters also get incentivized for participating early.

Attrace’s ‘referral farming’ process directly rewards promoters on-chain with a share of the bounty for every successful referral brought to a project.

Generally, marketing costs are an enormous part of the general budget and finding ways to more efficiently allocate makes sense. Referral Farms allow for performance based marketing, which streamlines the marketing budget. Consider it DeFi style rewards for performance based promotion in web3, a direct form of marketing payouts that is fair and traceable.

How are the Referral Farm rewards distributed?

To illustrate how the distribution of a Referral Farm works, in the below an example:

  1. Early participation is incentivised
  2. Holding the token accrues extra value through farming so it promotes buy-and-hold behaviour
  3. Each promoter is rewarded according to their true value added to a project

How to promote MASK, SYLO, NetVRk and ATTRACE to earn rewards

There are two ways to earn for being a promoter::

Via the Attrace app

As a Mask user

To facilitate promoting projects on Twitter, Attrace integrated with Mask Network. Referral Farms are immediately listed and visible on the Mask extension app, enabling users to promote their favourite token by referring on Twitter directly without having to leave the social channel.

About Attrace

Attrace is currently the only operational trustless Referral Protocol for web3. It empowers Word-of-Mouth marketing for all assets across the blockchain universe.



Referral Protocol for Web3 Assets

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