Attrace IDO on MISO & SushiSwap

KYC from 10th of June 2021 0:00 CEST until 17th June 2021 at 0:00 CEST

The Attrace Team is excited to announce there will be an Attrace IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on MISO on June the 19th at 0:00, followed by a listing on SushiSwap on June the 22nd.

On top of that, a few days before the Attrace IDO on MISO will take place, Attrace will also launch the world’s first DApp Referral Marketplace, which enables the launch of the world’s first IDO Referral: Trustless decentralized promotion of an IDO. The world’s first IDO Referral will be the Attrace IDO Referral.

Attrace IDO

This IDO is a public sale that will provide an opportunity for our members to acquire ATTR before the listing on SushiSwap two days later.

The ATTR token is a utility and governance token, which gives token holders a right to participate in the network, govern the network and earn token rewards by staking.

The approved participants of the IDO will have the opportunity of becoming early contributors in this native token of the Attrace Referral Network.

  • Contract address: 0x44e2dec86…a2bd69cf9a
  • Website:
  • Auction type: Crowdsale
  • Min. allocation: No minimum
  • Max. allocation: 0.5 ETH
  • Amount for sale: 15,000,000 ATTR
  • Total amount: 80 ETH
  • Price per token: 0.00000533 ETH
  • Open time: June 19, 2021 0:00 CEST
  • Close time: June 22, 2021 0:00 CEST

How to participate

Join our Telegram or Discord channels, where you can ask questions about this procedure, and also follow us on

Step 1: Get whitelisted

In order to be eligible for the IDO, you need to get on our whitelist. Therefore you need to go through the KYC procedure, which can be found at It can take up until 3 hours to have your identity approved, you will receive emails with the progress.

The KYC page will open on Thursday 10th of June 2021, at 0:00 AM CEST and ends on Thursday 17th of June 2021 at 0:00 AM CEST.

Once your identity is approved, you will receive an email with the calendar invite and details, and you will be entitled to proceed with participating in the Attrace IDO through MISO.

Step 2: Participate

After you have passed KYC, you can proceed by going to the MISO page. The crowdsale starts at Saturday 19th of June 2021, so you need to wait for that to participate.

  • Select the Marketplace in the left menu, and go to Live Sales. There select the ATTR.
  • You need to connect with your crypto wallet. Make sure you connect to the Ethereum Mainnet!
  • Put in the amount of ATTR you want to commit, and hit approve. The transaction will require some ETH gas. It might take some time for the transaction to get processed.
  • Once the transaction has been processed, you can double check in the commitments list if your address in in there.

Step 3: Claim

When the crowdsale is done, it’s time to claim your token. On MISO, go to the ATTR auction page(which will now be in the ‘Past Sales’ menu). There will be a claim button, with which you can directly claim the ATTR directly in your wallet. You are now officially part of the Attrace ecosystem!

How to earn commission

Attrace is utilising its own technology to reward promoters for every referred contributor that acquires ATTR.

If you become a promoter, you can offer ATTR with a 10% bonus to your friends and family and earn 10% commission yourself.

In a trustless and decentralised manner!

Please check our Medium post about how to become an Attrace promotor.

Questions? Contact us at Telegram or Discord.



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