Attrace launches new website ATTRACE.COM

Dear All,

The previous landing page was focused on a Merchant application on the Attrace network, targeted towards those familiar with affiliate marketing.

The new website is a new layer on top, facilitating all future end-users, all the integrations that have been completed and all applications that we will be launching in the future.

With the release of the new website we have also released the option for email log in. As expected, for some end-users the principle of “access to all with only a private key” is a step too far. Might take some time before that becomes more mainstream.

Please note under the hood the Attrace email log in is not a “standard” application. Given that “email log in” basically means managing private keys on the Attrace network (e.g. your wallet) we had to set up a — audited — internal control system with separate authority environments to assure it is impossible for anyone, including Attrace developers, to have access to those keys.

So to summarise: All new accounts can now be set up with “email log in managing your private key” or directly with a private key.

Those that already have a wallet can still log in directly via

The wallet link can be found in the footnotes and if needed you will be able to transfer your private key to email log in, which will go live next week.

(Of course we understand, if you are truly hard core about decentralised networks you might not be interested in anything managing your private keys.)

Very best,

Attrace team



Referral Protocol for Web3 Assets

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Referral Protocol for Web3 Assets