Attrace listing on UniSwap & SushiSwap

We are happy to announce that Attrace will be listing on

SushiSwap and Uniswap

Both listings are scheduled for tomorrow at the same time, Wednesday the 23rd on 10:00 (am) EST / 16:00 (pm) CET.

Thank you for your patience on the announcement about the listing.

Attrace has already received a lot of interest and traction from potential partners in the IDO, DEX, and NFT space. Therefore, now that the Attrace Referral Network has been completed, it is time to list the ATTR Attrace token. Delay any longer is not an option the network needs a tradable token for the widespread usage and adoption.

Once the listing happens everyone will be able to participate in the liquidity pool, but not before that point. This is to assure that everyone has en equal chance to participate from the start. As of right now, not everyone has been able to claim their tokens yet. It would only make it fair that everyone has enough time to claim the tokens and be able to participate in the pool and/or start with trading once the listing is live.

Please be aware that the Attrace Liquidity Provision referrals (promotions) will only be available in the next month or so and only for the liquidity provided after that point onwards.

Also, to address the questions of those that took part in Attrace IDO referral program and are anticipating the rewards in ATTR: Referral verification and the payout will start at the moment that most of the claims have been made. Do not worry, you will receive the referral rewards!

Thanks again for your patience!

Attrace team

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