Claiming your ATTR tokens


As explained in this medium post earlier, Attrace will move from its dedicated custom blockchain to ERC20 tokens.

The conventional affiliate concept has been moved to a dedicated subdomain, This token will be renamed to ATTRC.

On May 18th 16:00 Amsterdam time, the Attrace team will make a snapshot of all the wallets on the Attrace Classic Blockchain.

From that moment, ATTRC token holders can claim their ATTR (ERC20) through this website:

The goal of this portal is to collect the relation ship between Attrace Classic and the Ethereum address, with the following steps:

  1. Collect both ATTRC en Ethereum Address
  2. Sign this data (with a random nonce) with both keys
  3. Store signed data in back-end

This is fully secure, only signed data is being posted to the backend.

The claims are uploaded to Ethereum network only once a day, so do not expect an instant transfer.

1. Go to

2. Connect with your crypto wallet, like for instance metamask

3. Sign in to your wallet. Your public Ethereum address will be shared

4. Ethereum address is shared

5. Input your Attrace Classic private key

If you don’t have your private key, read here down here how to export your key.

6. Double check your Attrace Classic public address and Ethereum Address. Press ‘sign’ when correct

7. A Signature request will pop-op in your crypto wallet

8. Your claim is completed

Exporting your private key from Attrace Classic

If you created your account with email and password and don’t have your private key, you can export this key through the updated Attrace Classic dashboard.

1. Go to

Click login, and click the ‘wallet’ menu item in the top.

2. On the right panel, click ‘Export’.

You can click ‘click to show key’ to reveal your private key. Optionally you can also download this key as a PDF.

Never share your private key with any third party!

Questions? Contact us at telegram or discord.



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