Launch of NFT referrals and Promote-to-Earn model

Attrace is now live with NFT referrals, and expanding the scope of the supported Web3-native referrals. The team has just released NFT Drop referrals for Ethereum and Polygon based NFT minting events. This is one of the many NFT referral categories that will be supported by Attrace in future. The Attrace vision is that eventually the Attrace Network will be able to support NFT Projects to achieve their goal of acquiring users via promoters throughout their roadmap journey from launch, with the NFT minting towards the larger token distribution.

Attrace launched in the NFT space with supporting referrals for the primary NFT sale, to be followed by referrals of the secondary sale on Open Sea and other NFT marketplaces and aggregators, as well as expanding the coverage of networks in the coming period (i.e. BSC and IMX).

You are now able to promote an NFT Drop and earn tokens by referring participants who decide to mint NFTs via your link. As a Promoter, you may find the following benefits appealing:

  • Performance based rewards: You earn a bounty for every NFT mint that comes via your link.
  • Bounty for the participant: With the link you share you offer a bounty for those who participate in the NFT drop.
  • Bounty locked in the vault: The bounty budget is locked in the smart contact from where you claim your bounty
  • Preserved privacy: No cookies or fingerprinting is involved.

The following steps will help you to become a promoter with NFT Drop:

Start by heading over to the Attrace Referral App by entering the app:

Enter the App - You will find all NFT Drop referrals on NFT Referrals. Explore the NFT Drop referrals and select those you would like to promote.

Sign up to Promote - Click the “Sign up” button and proceed by connecting your wallet and completing the required steps. It is recommended to connect via the Metamask browser extension wallet on your desktop.

Mint Bounty Token - As part of the sign-up you will be asked to mint a bounty token. With this token you will be able to claim your earned bounty later.

Note: Because this token is minted on blockchain, you need to pay a gas fee. However, you can select a blockchain where the token can be minted. It is recommended to select a blockchain with a cheaper gas fee (e.g. Polygon).

Confirm the transaction in the wallet to mint the token and finalise the signup.

Copy referral link - You will be able to copy your unique referral link once the sign-up time is over, and share it with potential Participants via any social channel (e.g. Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Website).

Earn Bounty - Earn a bounty by referring those who will participate in the NFT Drop by using your referral link. Your bounty will equal the percentage of the total amount of NFTs sale price paid by participants using your link.

For example, a participant who used your referral link purchased an NFT for the total of 1 ETH when the promoter bounty was 10%. As a result, you earned a bounty of 0.1 ETH.

You will be able to claim a bounty for every NFT purchase that came through your referral link.

Questions? Please connect via:

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