Q2 Release Plan and $ATTR Stakeholder Map

Release of Referral Farming and Mask Integration

As previously announced, the referral farming feature was released on Rinkeby and currently is in the testing phase. After a successful test on Rinkeby with Mask Network, the team will release Referral Farms on Ethereum. The launch of the Referral Farms will begin with a Single Token Referral Farms feature which will be available via the Mask browser plugin to its users on Twitter.

Attrace Governance to go live

As part of the release of Attrace Referral Farm, the Attrace team will also officially launch the Attrace Governance model that will enable any $ATTR token holder to get engaged in the governance of the project.

Integration with DappRadar

Another exciting planned partnership is the collaboration with DappRadar. The plan is a full integration of the DappRadar website with the Attrace protocol, by utilizing single token referral farms. This means that DappRadar users will be able to take part in referral farming by adding value to DappRadar’s ecosystem and partners. At the same time, this will also benefit the Attrace ecosystem by growing the network effect as well the number of users, in addition to the protocol fees generated from the referral farms themselves. Furthermore, we believe that this partnership has great potential and can lead to amazing opportunities for both parties. More details will be shared in the coming period.

Attrace App and Website revamp

The very significant protocol update will be accompanied by an update to the overall user experience and the look and feel of the website. In early Q2, we will release a complete overhaul of the Attrace app and website. Once live, anyone with a wallet will be able to interact with Referral Farms, starting with Simple Token Farms and later on with Multi Token Farms (i.e., Attrace Referral Farm). It will be as simple as: Use an Attrace link when recommending a token and earn the farming rewards. We believe that this will be a perfect chance to grow our community with real users. At that stage, anyone out there who talks about crypto and NFTs via any channel (web2 or web3) should be using Attrace links when recommending/engaging with friends, family or followers. The Attrace team has spent considerable time thinking about how to properly incentivise the usage of the Attrace application. There is a strong belief, also among key investors, that all the pieces will come together with the release of the new Referral Farm app.

Running Oracles

Following the release of the top priority referral farming features and Mask integration, the Attrace team will complete the work required to enable the Oracles to be publicly run, meaning that anyone can start capturing the value of “word of mouth” marketing in web3.

  • Vote for an Oracle by delegating their stake to that Oracle.

Attrace Stakeholder Map

This is an overview of different roles within Attrace protocol and how each interacts with $ATTR:



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