Scaling Attrace to next level

Behind the scenes, the Attrace Development Team has been working hard on improving the dApp and protocol. In 2021 we launched our dApp, listed the first referrals for IDO’s, liquidity pools and NFTs and gathered a lot of feedback from the community.

In order to scale to the next level, we identified some major improvements, which have now been implemented and released:

  • Promoter gas free sign-ups;
  • Enabled referrals on major DEXs on Ethereum and Polygon;
  • Enabled referrals on any IDO launchpads on Ethereum and Polygon;
  • Bounty claims (NFT Drops).

These improvements have important implications for our future.

Promoter gas free sign-ups

When the dApp (formerly known as ‘marketplace’) was launched, we tested the product on various Promoters. Attrace was at that time an Ethereum only solution, and gas fees were at an all time high before the London Hard Fork update. This showed us that gas fees could be a major drop off for potential Promotors. Paying gas fees for something you won’t know of if it will bring you revenue is not appealing.

Hence, the decision has been taken to bring this logic also to the Referral Oracles (technical term: Verifier Network), where the proof of minting a promotional bounty token is stored. Once a conversion has been detected, this proof enables a promoter to claim its bounty on chain.

This update means that from now onwards, anyone can start promoting Web3 assets for free at all times.

Referrals for all major DEXs on Ethereum and Polygon

Many DEXs are more or less compatible with the UniSwap V2 interface. By adjusting the referral contracts and verifier nodes, the development team managed to make a seamless integration with DEXs on the supported networks Ethereum and Polygon networks. This was a necessary first step towards supporting the creation of referrals for any DEX on any network.

Enabling referrals for any IDO launchpad on Ethereum and Polygon

The original scope of Attrace required deeper integration in launchpads before referrals could be setup. An upgrade to the Attrace protocol now enables referral support for any launchpad on Ethereum and Polygon without requiring any integration.

Further, also independent projects that launch an IDO on their own website will now be able to utilise Attrace protocol for referrals.

Bounty claims (NFT Drops)

During the first referrals, another possible optimisation has been identified: The automated payments. We acknowledged that gas fees would have created an unsustainable model for the Verify Network in the near future. Consequently the solution now allows Promoters and Participants to provide proof to claim their bounty on the network. An important reminder here is that Attrace is a cross-chain solution: While the NFT or liquidity pool can be on Ethereum, the bounty can be on low gas fee networks like Polygon….. and very soon BSC.

Stay tuned!

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