Attrace IDO uses the Attrace Referral Network for promotion

A few days before the Attrace IDO on MISO will take place, Attrace will launch the world’s first DApp Referral Marketplace. The referral marketplace was built on top of Attrace Referral Network and will launch on Ethereum mainnet on June the 13th. The first referral program that will go live on the network will be the Attrace IDO Referral. Attrace aims to incentivize the promotion and participation in the IDO, engage the community and showcase the capability of the referral network to the crypto ecosystem. The other referral programs are planned, e.g. around NFTs and dApps, and will follow shortly with other announcements.

Introducing Attrace IDO Promotion

On June 13th, the Attrace IDO Referral will become available on the Attrace Referral Marketplace. Attrace will provide a reward in $ATTR token for promoters and IDO participants. For every successful IDO referral, the promoters will receive a 10% commission, while the IDO participants will collect a 10% bonus on top of the purchased $ATTR tokens via IDO.

Furthermore, this will be an opportunity for the community to join the referral network as early adopters and become eligible for conversion rewards.

How to promote?

  1. Attrace IDO Referral will be published on Attrace Referral Marketplace shortly before the promoter sign-up period.
  2. During the promotion sign-up period anyone will be able to register as a promoter
  3. After the sign-up period, the promoters will be able to share the IDO referral link via any channel (i.e. Twitter, Discord, etc)
  4. By following the IDO referral link the potential participants will land on IPFS hosted web page where they will be able to claim their bonus via their wallet
  5. Promoters and the IDO participants will automatically receive their reward for successful referrals after the IDO

IDO Promotion Details

  • Total $ATTR Bounty Budget: 3.0M $ATTR
  • Promoter Commission: 10% commission of the sold $ATTR for each successful IDO referral
  • IDO Participant Bonus: 10% bonus of the purchased $ATTR if referred by the promoter
  • Promotion Registration: Period during which anyone can sign-up as promoter. Registration starts on June 13th at 00:01 CEST and will end on June 14th at 23:59 CEST
  • Promotion period: Promotion will start on June 15th at 00:01 CEST and will end on June 16th at 23:59 CEST when the KYC registration process will be completed

Referral flow

1. Start the sign-up process to become the promoter

2. Connect your preferred wallet

The Ethereum address of this wallet will be used for the payout of your commission.

3. Generate your own referral token signed with your wallet

This is a promoter specific token based on which the referral link is generated.

This referral token is generated and stored on chain. Therefore the promoter needs to pay the gas fee. As the IDO is on Ethereum, the gas fee is in ETH.

4. Wait until the promotion period starts

Copy the referral link and start promoting.

5. Share the link via Twitter, Discord or any other social media


1. Participant registers claim on bonus

Potential IDO participants follow the link to an IPFS hosted page to claim the bonus with their wallet, the Ethereum address of this wallet will be used for the bonus payout.

2. Participant makes conversion

  • Participant is redirected to the KYC page where they will need to be approved before being able to participate in the IDO
  • Email is sent out to all KYC approved participants with a link to MISO
  • Participant joins the IDO and swaps ETH for ATTR

3. Distribution of rewards

Once the IDO is finished all the promoters and participants will automatically receive their reward in $ATTR directly to their Ethereum address, for the first time, in a decentralised and trustless manner

Questions? Contact us at Telegram or Discord.

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